Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Big Lie

     Starting a New Year one can't help but look back at the old one. 2013 was a mix of better and worse and we reap the harvest of that worse part in the year ahead. Health Care Reform the Liberal way might just bankrupt this country. Although we're broke already if you can understand basic Math.

     Insurance Companies have developed  the principals of Actuarial Science over a great many years and these companies have a firm understanding of what is required to provide policyholders the protection they seek and still allow the companies to be profitable. Yes Insurance Companies need to make a profit for their shareholders. This is of course Capitalism and apparently Liberals and the Obama Administration are not big fans of Capitalism. 

     The Liberal Left and the President are trying to dictate to the Insurance Companies how they are to do business. Instead of placing people with pre existing conditions and serious health problem in a separate pool they want everyone jumbled in together and also provide unneeded coverages to everyone. A sixty year old woman doesn't need maternity benefits and no male needs it. 

     The Insurance Companies have to set very high premiums for young healthy clients and these younger folks who aren't having much use for Health Insurance yet just will not jump on board and pay those rates. This leaves Insurers in a serious money losing situation. Obama and his minions can't be stupid enough to believe this will work.

     When it all falls apart the Liberal Left will step in to save the day by giving us National Health Insurance and a one payer system. This leads to Doctor shortages and rationing of care and while there may not be actual Death Panels, people will die that would not have too. 

     Older Americans and seriously sick folks won't have a chance. But then in a Socialist State those people are dead weight anyway.